Action-oriented approach

Pointman Whittier was founded to be an action-oriented and mission-centric non-profit organization. We believe in boots-on-the-ground service and fellowship that is therapeutic to both those we are serving as well as the veterans themselves who serve others.

What We Do

Service can look different for every veteran and as such, we have an array of opportunities for every veteran to get involved. Below are just some of the opportunities:

Veterans Benefits Advocacy

Community Parades

Bible Study

Charity Rodeos

Military Base Tours

Prayer Summits

Veteran Retreats

Honor & Color Guard

Ministering To The Sick

Veteran Peer Support

Breakfasts & Fellowship

And More....

Pointman Whittier believes in adapting to meet the mission whenever possible. As such, we are frequently evaluating and exploring new opportunities to serve others. Please reach out if you see a new opportunity for Pointman to take action for the greater good of others.

Frequently Asked Questions