I had been stuck at 90% for two years, struggling to reach 100% until I started working with Pastor Sam and Adam. After submitting paperwork and seeing doctors and psychiatrists, I was finally elevated to 100% and even ended up with 130%, although 130% pays the same as 100%. Throughout the entire process, Pointman has been a blessing to me.

Rudy Aguirre

I sustained several injuries during my service. Carrying a 275-pound soldier during basic training resulted in a chest injury, and I dislocated both my shoulders during training in Okinawa. Pointman helped me secure an 80% disability rating. I’m grateful and recommend Pointman to other veterans.

Joe Valdez

I suffered a head injury during an altercation at Fort Polk, Louisiana. Additionally, my ears were damaged due to loud training sounds in basic training. Pointman has been instrumental in helping me with paperwork and accessing benefits, and I appreciate their spiritual guidance and the camaraderie of fellow veterans. I’m grateful to be part of this ministry and its community.

Lenny Sanchez

I injured my ankle in Vietnam and broke my other ankle in Long Beach, California. Years later, I met Pointman through Pastor Rudy, and they helped me file for disability. I started with 30% and eventually made my way to 80%, but my recent 100% evaluation was denied. I will refile under the direction of Adam and Pastor Sam. Pointman has been invaluable, and I am grateful for their help and fellowship.

Paul Bogandilla

As a pastor at Pointman International Ministries in Whittier, I had the pleasure of helping Pastor Rudy get his 100% disability rating. We are committed to helping all eligible veterans get a higher rating and are looking forward to continuing to do so.

Sam Moore


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