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Help from those who know. Help from those who understand.

Our Service Area

Since 2007, Pointman Whittier has served multiple generations of veterans throughout
Los Angeles County, Orange County, and the Inland Empire.

Over 150 Veteran
Participants Region

From One Generation of
Southern California Veterans
To The Next

Continue To Be A
Part Of Something Greater
Than Yourself by Serving Others

Benefits You Deserve; Benefits You’ve Earned

Here at Pointman Whittier, we understand how hard it is to ask for help. That’s why when you do reach out, you are immediately welcomed by veterans who understand the journey and the struggles that come with service and sacrifice. We’ll immediately start educating and connecting you with both veteran and non-veteran benefits that can change your life, all free of charge.

These Benefits Include

VA Disability Benefits

Medical Assistance

Mental Health Treatment

Burial Benefits

Education Benefits

Housing Benefits

VA Disability Claim Assistance For Service-
Connected Issues Such As

Help Is Just a Phone Call Away

Pointman doesn’t require face-to-face appointments and the journey towards the help and benefits you deserve can begin today with a simple phone call. Veteran Service Officers can also be called from the comfort of home and Pointman advocates can participate in a 3-way call during that conversation to ensure you have the support you need.


I enjoy helping veterans get the disability benefits they deserve.

Sam Moore

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Meet the Pastor

Pastor Rudy Aguirre


Meet the Board

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Auxiliary Board Members

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Pointman Whittier was founded in 2007  by Marine veteran Joe Enrique who saw a pressing need to continue a life of service here at home. While it is the love of  Jesus Christ and the call to love others as themselves that drives them, Pointman Whittier welcomes all veterans. regardless of religious affiliation. Beyond just serving the veteran community. Pointman serves the broader Southern California community through outreach, education, prayer, and color guards. Board members bring wit them decades of veteran advocacy and experience navigating the VA to ensure every veteran receives the services and benefits they deserve.

Meet Pastor Rudy, the Leader of Pointman

Pointman Whittier leader and Navy veteran Pastor Rudy Aguirre is just a phone call or email away and ready to answer your questions. If you need prayer, counseling, benefits question, or you just want to get involved, Rudy is ready to begin the conversation today.

Phone: 562-405-9775


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Founded by christian veterans for all veterans, regardless of faith

Action-oriented approach

Pointman Whittier was founded to be an action-oriented and mission-centric non-profit organization. We believe in boots-on-the-ground service and fellowship that is therapeutic to both those we are serving as well as the veterans themselves who serve others.

Pointman Whittier believes in adapting to meet the mission whenever possible. As such, we are frequently evaluating and exploring new opportunities to serve others. Please reach out if you see a new opportunity for Pointman to take action for the greater good of others.

What We Do

Service can look different for every veteran and as such, we have an array of opportunities for every veteran to get involved. Below are just some of the opportunities:

Veterans Benefits Advocacy

Community Parades

Veteran Retreats

Honor & Color Guard

Military Base Tours

Prayer Summits

Ministering To The Sick

Veteran Peer Support

Bible Study

Charity Rodeos

Breakfasts & Fellowship

And More....