Get in on the action

Below you’ll find Pointman’s upcoming events and schedule. You’re always invited and you don’t need an invitation. Just show up to fellowship and serve with like-minded veterans who will welcome you with open arms.

Schedule of Events

Meet Pastor Rudy, the Leader of Pointman

Pointman Whittier leader and Navy veteran Pastor Rudy Aguirre is just a phone call or email away and ready to answer your questions. If you need prayer, counseling, benefits question, or you just want to get involved, Rudy is ready to begin the conversation today.

Phone: 562-405-9775


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Donate to Pointman Whittier

Pointman Whittier is a 503c nonprofit and dedicated to financial stewardship and transparency. The board of directors is a 100% all- volunteer board and there are zero paid staff involved. As such, 100% of every donated dollar goes right to the service of others. Make a contribution now online to support the mission.